Golf Jokes At a fancy country club, a new member insulted the best golfer at the club by accident.

The Better golfer challenged him to one game of golf and offered $5000 to the guy if he won.

The new member says, "Alright, I'll accept, but only on one have to let me get two Gotcha's during the game." Not knowing what a 'Gotcha' was, and not really caring, he accepted to the terms.

So the new guy and the old pro go out to the first hole, the new guy tee’s off and makes a fairly good shot. The pro then steps up confidently, sets his ball down, starts to swing, and the new guy runs up, grabs his balls and yells, "Gotcha!"

The ball goes far to the left and the pro, angry and embarrassed stomps off after it.

Several hours go by and the to competitors return to the country club after their round of golf and the other members see the old pro take out his checkbook and write the new guy the promised $5000.

The pro walks in and sits down, furiously. The others ask him how he lost and he replies, "Let’s see you play a good game while waiting for the second 'Gotcha'!"


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