Excuses For When You Must Play Golf!

Golf Jokes
  • I always play well when it rains.

  • I am almost 50; I need to practice for the senior circuit.

  • I am just very optimistic I will play well if I golf today.

  • I am required to golf for work; I love my job.

  • I am sick of playing golf on my computer and I want to play for real.

  • I am useless at work unless I golf twice a week.

  • I bought a whole new golf wardrobe.

  • I bought those new golf contact lenses, guaranteed to cut 5 strokes.

  • I can expense it for business purposes.

  • I can finally play under pressure, so I can start betting again.

  • I can get some lawn care tips from the ground maintenance crew.

  • I can pass gas, and no one cares.

  • I finally got a set of brand clubs. I want to see if I can break 100.


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